Got Linked Clones and need to migrate View Composer to a standalone install?

Don’t forget to migrate your RSA keys which encrypt/decrypt your data otherwise your Linked Clones will fall into a pile of something my dog does every morning.

If you need to migrate Composer to a standalone install here is the procedure I have tested multiple times in my lab.

1. In View Admin, go to your vCenter Server and disable provisioning

2. Optionally you can migrate the database to a new SQL instance. Backup from old and restore to the new instance

3. Remove View Composer from the server, go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it

4. Export the RSA keys and import onto the new Composer Server

4A. On the original Composer Server open a command prompt to this location: %windir%\\framework\v2.0.xx

4B. Export the RSA keys: aspnet_regiis.exe -px “SviKeyContainer” “MyRSAKeys.xml” -pri

4C. The file MyRSAKeys.xml is created where you run the command from

4D. Copy this file to the new Composer Server, to exactly the same location you ran the command from on the existing Composer Server.

4E. Import the RSA keys in the same fashion you exported them but change the command to: aspnet_regiis.exe -pi “SviKeyContainer” “MyRSAKeys.xml” -exp

5. On the new Composer Server install View Composer

6. When installing View, make sure that the ODBC DSN is exactly the same name as it was on the original server. Also enter in the username and password that has access to the DB

7. If you migrated the DB, make sure that the DSN points to the new DB location

8. Copy over and install your SSL certificate from the existing Composer Server, or install a new SSL certificate.

9. You now need to tell View Admin to point to the new Composer Server, in View Admin go to your vCenter Server and click EDIT

10. Depending if you migrated Composer to your vCenter to be co-installed or to a Stand-Alone install, select the correct option.

If you are doing a Stand-Alone install, enter the FQDN details, username and password

11. Click the Verify Server Information button, add or remove Domains as required.

12. Once you have saved those settings, in View Admin, go to your vCenter Server and enable provisioning.







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