VMware View 5.x QuickPrep & Windows Domain Controller Netlogon errors

If you are using floating linked clones you may come across an issue where an end user of the virtual desktop is presented with an error “the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”. The end result = the user cannot log in. I have seen these errors during a recompose when the desktop joins the domain.

Event logs on Domain Controllers fill up with NetLogon 5722 errors.

By default, computers change their machine account password every 30 days, and Active Directory uses this password for computer authentication.

As the linked clone is deployed from a snapshot, when the desktop starts its machine password is the password contained in the snapshot. Authentication then fails as the new desktop does not have the new machine password.

To work around this issue you can disable automatic password changes on your master image.

Open the registry. Go to the following key:


Modify the key: DisablePasswordChange to 1.

 Shutdown your master image, take a snapshot and recompose your pool/s





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