VMware View 5.x – Remove Specific Windows Domains from Login Screens

If you have Domain Trusts in your environment you might not want users or specific administrators to see or use these Domains when they log into the VMware View via the client or HTML Blast or administrators logging into the View Admin Portal.

You can do this by using the VDMADMIN command on the Connection Server to hide specific Domains. This can be cluster wide or only on specific Connection Servers.
Note: If you look at the full set of commands you can also include, exclude, add and hide Domains from search lists also.

In the example I am showing here users can see the two Windows Domains: “TESTLAB” and “VMWARELAB” when accessing the authentication window in View. Depending on entitlements and domain accounts users might not be able to log into the TESTLAB domain anyway. In my lab I don’t use the TESTLAB domain very often and I find it really annoying every time I log into either the View Admin Portal or the View Client I need to click the drop down box and select my VMWARELAB domain.



A valid reason to hide Domains is during an acquisition of another company where all users now use accounts on a new Domain, Domain Trusts exist between the two business entities, but both Domains are visible to users logging into View. Users can only access View Desktops via a specific Domain, so we want to hide the other Domain from users.

So here is the process to hide a Domain…

1. Log into your Connection Server

2. You need to use the VDMADMIN  via the command line and it’s  location on the Connection Server is shown below.

I need to use the -N command “Network and Domain Configuration”. Also note all the other sub-commands available.


3. The full command I need to run to hide the TESTLAB domain is shown below. Once you enter the command it is instant, no need to restart any services to make it take effect.


Now if I go back to the View Client, I see that the TESTLAB Domain is no longer visible:


Also looking at the View Admin Portal the TESTLAB Domain is also not visible:

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