vRealize Operations Manager (vROp) upgrade to v6.1

The other day I upgraded a 3 node vROps cluster from version 6.02 to the latest and greatest 6.1.

From within the vROps GUI, I could see the upgrade was successful and the version was now 6.1.xxx, however when looking at the appliance from vSphere Client, the appliance build number was not upgraded…hmm. The summary tab displays the old version of the product – v2.5.xxx.

So I rolled back the upgrade to the snapshots I had taken prior to the upgrade and started the process again…same outcome, is this a bug?

I logged a support call with VMware and yes this is a bug and there is a KB article addressing it.

You need to manually update the appliance build number by right-clicking on the appliance, click Edit Settings, and click Advanced. From there enter the new build version in the version tabs.

Here is a link to the VMware KB article:

VMware vRealize Operations Manager vApp version is incorrect after upgrading vRealize Operations Manager

Apart from this, the vROps upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.1 went perfect, it upgraded the Master, Master Replica and Remote Collector nodes in about 40 minutes total.

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