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Reclaiming Thin Provisioned Space – part 2

Last month I did an initial post on this topic, and here is the follow up. Our environment consists of dual 3PAR P10000 SANs and all storage at the controller level is thin provisioned. All 3PAR volumes are configured for Zero Detect. We run approximately 40 physical servers and 450 VMs on ESXi 5.1 U1 ...


Thin-Provisioned Space Reclaiming

(Posted LinkedIn Sept 2013) We have been extremely lucky to secure licences from Raxco Software (thanks goes out to Bob Nolan & team) for their PerfectStorage product that automates thin provisioned space reclaiming via SCSI UNMAP and their Smart Zero Fill technology. Our environment consists of dual 3PAR P10400 (v400) SANs, 85% virtualised on vSphere ...