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Horizon View 6 – Cloud Pod Architecture

So my weekend involved taking the kids to soccer and leaving the field 1.5 hours later like a block of ice. Another winters day in Wellington to remind me how great Sydney weather was.  Why is it that the only people who seem to not feel the cold are kids and old people. My theory is ...


VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Administration (VCAP5-DTA) passed!

Wow! Always love that email from VMware confirming a pass. Freaking out when I got the email as the PDF viewer on my phone kept crashing, so “panic”, is this a bad sign! 5 months of study for this one. I found the VCAP-DTA a lot harder than the VCAP-DCA exam, even though I had just ...


View Composer – issues when migrating DB; and changing the ODBC DSN Password

We had a requirement to migrate the View Composer database from Server1 to Server2. This is not moving the Composer service, just the database. Well that should be pretty straight forward you would think, stop the Composer service, backup the database on Server1, restore the database onto Server2, change the ODBC details on Server1 to ...


VMware View 5.x – Remove Specific Windows Domains from Login Screens

If you have Domain Trusts in your environment you might not want users or specific administrators to see or use these Domains when they log into the VMware View via the client or HTML Blast or administrators logging into the View Admin Portal. You can do this by using the VDMADMIN command on the Connection ...


VMware View 5.x QuickPrep & Windows Domain Controller Netlogon errors

If you are using floating linked clones you may come across an issue where an end user of the virtual desktop is presented with an error “the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”. The end result = the user cannot log in. I have seen these errors during a recompose when the desktop ...


Got Linked Clones and need to migrate View Composer to a standalone install?

Don’t forget to migrate your RSA keys which encrypt/decrypt your data otherwise your Linked Clones will fall into a pile of something my dog does every morning. If you need to migrate Composer to a standalone install here is the procedure I have tested multiple times in my lab. 1. In View Admin, go to ...